TR-100 RFID Reader Module (USB & TTL or RS232)

TR-100 RFID Reader Module (USB & TTL or RS232)

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**FCC Typed Approved Countries Only**

With an ultra-compact and easy-to-use package, TR-100 is the next generation OEM module from Thinkify. Designed for seamless operation supporting all ISO 18000-63 / Class 1 Gen 2 / Gen 3™ operation.

Along with intuitive, easy-to-use API & demonstration software suite, TR-100 has 1 full Watt output power along with 4 antenna ports enabling performance traditionally attributed to a fixed-RFID reader, that fits in the palm of your hand.

Rounding out the already feature-rich portfolio of capabilities, this includes: advanced power control capability, improved ease of integration and class-leading performance in the most compact and cost-effective form factors.


  • Smart Shelving / Cabinets / Point-of-Sale / Vending
  • Low profile / thin dock door portals
  • Commissioning / Programming Stations
  • Printer-Applicators
  • Hand-Held devices 
  • Access Control
  • Anywhere where space is at a a premium
  • Low power consumption / battery powered applications 


    • Ultra-Compact Size

      70x45mm (2.75x1.77 inches), fits virtually anywhere & enables intricate case design not requiring a lot of space

    • Low Power Consumption

      Combines very-low “sleep” mode current draw with an exceptionally efficient RF amplifier design, TR-100 is the highest performing, most power efficient OEM module on the market. 
  • Fixed-Reader Performance

    • 200+ tags-per-second read rate.
    • Full 1W power for long-range applications
    • Superior sensitivity with proven SuperEcho receiver architecture.
    • Supports all Modulation & BLF modes (including Dense Reader Mode for large tag & reader populations)
    • Extremely low-current IDLE mode for battery use. 

  • Designed for Global Operation

    Spanning US, China and EU bands enables TR100 to make your product ready for world-wide sales.

  • Flexible

    A diverse set of interface options enables greater flexibility in building your solution:
    • Multiple communication interfaces: RS232 or TTL (x2) and USB 2.0
    • Multiple Power Options: Power over USB / External 5V DC / Battery / Serial

  • Developer-Friendly

    Feature-rich APIs in popular Java, Ruby, C# languages, enable simple, yet comprehensive development of applications for TR-100 including all C1G2 protocol features, autonomous operation, triggered operation via GPIO input devices, tag reading/filtering/programming etc.

Technical Specifications

Frequency 850~1100MHz (Depends on regulatory region)
Physical Width: 70mm, Length: 45mm, Height: 11 mm, Weight: 15 g
Regulatory Compliance FCC 15.247 RoHS
RFID Protocols ISO-18000-63 (EPC Gen 2), Gen 3™
Read Rate 200+ tags per second
Read Range 4m with 6 dBi linearly polarized antenna
Antenna Connection Four (4) U. FL type 50Ω coaxial
RF Power Output Up to 30 dBm adjustable
Host Connections USB 2.0, RS232 or TTL Level (2 Ports)
GPIO (TTL Level) 2 inputs, 2 outputs
Supply Voltage 5VDC Input, USB, or Serial
Power Consumption Low power IDLE: 500 µA
Six (6) LEDs Power, RF Active, Tag Sense, Tag Read, Default firmware control of LEDs can be released for user applications.
Software SDK C#, JAVA, RUBY