About Us


Thinkify is located in Morgan Hill, California just south of San Jose. Thinkify is the largest privately owned RFID company in California. Our approach to RFID is to “make things think” by connecting common everyday objects to the internet.

While the term “The Internet of Things” may seem trendy, we have been continuing to Thinkify things for over 20 years here in Silicon Valley. Our award winning product continues to lead the way in UHF RFID operation and design. While originally focused solely on RFID hardware, Thinkify is now proud to also offer software solutions to simplify end user operation.

Thinkify was founded by Curt Carrender and Peter Soule in 2008 and we have continued to grow our customer base and product line every year since.

Mr. Carrender is the holder of over 50 patents in RFID. He was the past CEO and CTO of Wave ID, a pioneer in the RFID industry. He is the author of the first EPC, (electronic product code), Class 1 Gen 1 protocol. He was the leading engineer and program leader for the Royalty Free protocol group that was later adopted as the 18000-6C protocol. This protocol is now the industry standard for EPC, GS1 and Rain groups. He and the team he lead while V.P. Of Engineering and Systems at Alien technology, built the very first 18000-6C readers and tags. He is also the sole author of two other protocols for UHF tags and readers while here at Thinkify. Mr. Carrender and Mr. Soule developed ThinkNet, a real time inventory solution for networked RFID readers.

Mr. Soule also holds several patents pertaining to RFID technologies, with a strong focus in high velocity manufacturing as related to Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC's) with senior positions at Intel, 3Com and Alien Technologies. At Thinkify he is leveraging extensive experience in custom circuit production with his deep understanding of Contract Manufacturing of the hardware components used in typical RFID deployments.

Mr. Soule leads the overall operations and business structure needed in a dynamic production environment that is best suited in the RFID industry. Mr. Soule was the main driver of our Thinkify rail solutions product line with our award winning readers, and now ASICs. Most recently he led development of our Shopping Velocity Software Solution, (SVSS), giving retailers real time information on customer behavior.

Making Things Think