TR-65 RFID Reader Module with Antenna (USB, TTL, RS232)

TR-65 RFID Reader Module with Antenna (USB, TTL, RS232)

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**FCC Typed Approved Countries Only**

The TR-65 is a Gen2 RFID read/write engine that provides advanced RFID capabilities in an extremely small and easy-to-use package. With an unprecedented level of integration, advanced power control capabilities, excellent performance and a very attractive price point, the TR-65 represents the next step in the evolution of RFID. Designed with the integrator and OEM in mind, the Insight™ TR-65 gives you the power and flexibility to add high-performance Gen2 RFID to your embedded system.

The TR-65 makes integrating Gen2 RFID into your project simple.


  • Smart Shelves
  • Commissioning / Programming Stations
  • RFID-Enabled Cabinets
  • Point-of-Sale Devices
  • Printer-Applicators
  • Vending Machines
  • Hand-Held devices
  • Access Control


    • Small Size

      Measuring just ~2.75” x 2.4” (7 cm x 6cm) the Insight is easy to fit into your design.
    • Low Power Consumption

      We designed the Insight for battery use. With "instant on" functionality, a low-power sleep mode, and a very efficient RF amplifier scheme, the TR-50 is perhaps the most power efficient RFID engine on the market today.
  • High Performance

    Up to 190 tags-per-second read rate. Over 0.5 Watt power output for long range applications.
  • Highly Sensitive Receiver Architecture

    Dense Reader Mode receiver filtering for good performance in multi-reader environments.
  • Extremely Low-current IDLE Mode for Battery Use

  • Designed for Global Operation

    The TR-50's frequency range spans US, China and EU bands allowing you to use just one SKU to make your product ready for world-wide sales.
  • Flexible

    A diverse set of interface options provides you with great flexibility in building your solution:
    • Multiple communication interfaces: RS232 or TTL (x2) and USB 2.0
    • Multiple Power Options: Power over USB / External 5V DC / Battery
  • Developer-Friendly

    The Insight features a simple and powerful control protocol and well-documented APIs in multiple languages. (Java, Ruby, VB6 and C#) Units can be configured for autonomous operation; providing data only on external trigger conditions. The API supports device configuration, tag reading and programming (including extended memory areas).

Technical Specifications

Frequency 860~960MHz (Depends on regulatory region)
Physical Width: 7 cm, Length: 6cm, Height: 1.1 cm, Weight: 20 g
Regulatory Compliance FCC 15.247(Pending), RoHS
RFID Protocols ISO-18000-6C (EPC Gen2)
Read Rate Up to 190 tps (50 tps typical)
Read Range Approx. 4m with 6 dBi linearly polarized antenna
Antenna Connection One (1) 50 Ohm port, RP-SMA connector
RF Power Output 15 to ~27 dBm adjustable in 1 dB steps
Host Connections USB 2.0, RS232 or TTL Level (2 Ports)
GPIO (TTL Level) 2 inputs, 2 outputs
Supply Voltage 5V Input or USB Connection
Power Consumption Typical Power consumption of 500uA in low power IDLE mode. Maximum of 400 mA when running RF full power.
Six (6) LEDs Power, RF Active, Tag Sense, Tag Read, Reserved1, Reserved2 Default firmware control of LEDs can be released for user applications.
Software SDK C#, JAVA, RUBY