AAR Rail RFID Reader T2000

AAR Rail RFID Reader T2000

The T2000

Automatic Equipment Identifier AAR Rail RFID Reader

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AAR Rail RFID Reader


AAR Rail RFID Reader

The T2000-AAR is a state-of-the-art AAR compliant RFID reader solution for rail applications. The T2000-AAR provides unparalleled tag reading capabilities, an intelligent application development platform and support for optically isolated GPIO in a rugged, compact and easy to service package that includes advanced and integrated GPS.

Built using state-of-the-art electronics, with TCP/IP networking capabilities and advanced DSP algorithms for fast and reliable RFID read performance, the T2000-AAR is an excellent choice for integrators needing a high-performance AEI reader capable of supporting both smart and pass-through reading functionality.

The T2000-AAR is RoHS compliant. Made in California.

Use Cases

  • AAR Rail Applications
  • Pass-through mode
  • On-reader application support allows local processing for “smart reader” applications
  • Both sides of the rail simultaneously read


GPS Enabled

An internal GPS unit allows real time positioning

Dual Reader Two Readers in one package

The T2000 is actually two readers in one. Two complete and independent readers allow for simultaneous reading on both sides of the track.


The T2000 has the highest power allowable combined with the highest sensitivity of any rail reader on the market.


With a simple and powerful control protocol and well-documented APIs the T2000-AAR is easy to integrate into your application. Units can be configured to deliver data in a variety of formats.

All firmware is field upgradeable.

Local buffering of tag reads preserves data through power outage. 1 Gb Tag and data buffer.
Micro SD card equipped
Blazing fast ARM9 enabled