RFID Race Timing RFID Reader TR-290

RFID Race Timing RFID Reader


RFID Race Timing RFID Reader

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RFID Race Timing RFID Reader

The Thinkify TR-290-B is a high-performance Gen2 reader developed specifically for demanding outdoor environmental conditions. Simple to install, battery-powered and weatherproof, the TR-290-B offers cable-free setup and operation that gets you running in minutes.
No bulky cables, mats, power cords, or huge antennas to install. Compatible with a number of popular race timing software packages including the Agee Race Timing system.

With the TR-290-B RFID Race Timing RFID Reader you can be reading chipped runners and timing races before people using competing systems are done unloading their car — at less than half the cost!

Focus on the race, not the hardware.


  • Wireless – No cables required!
  • Battery Powered – 6 hrs of run time.
  • Weatherproof, IP-67 rated enclosure and connectors.
  • Simple, installation. Turn it on and go!
  • Simple, ASCII protocol interface over Bluetooth. (Compatible with TR-265 & TR-65 readers)
  • Universal mounting kit included.
  • Made in U.S.A.

System Specifications

Model NumberTR-290-B
Frequency Range902-928 MHz(FCC Part 15.247 compliant)
Rechargeable Battery4.8V volts NiMH
Antenna6 dBi, Linear Polarization
Read / Write Range8 meters maximum 4 meters typical
Communication LinkBluetooth (115.2KB) ~100' range
Data ProtocolThinkify Serial Protocol (ASCII Text)
RF ProtocolC1G2 ISO-18000-6C
Read Speed90 rps typical
Dimensions32 x 20 x 10 cm
Shipping Weight3.18 Kg (mounting bracket incl.)