Desktop RFID Reader TR-265

Desktop RFID Reader


Desktop RFID Reader
North American Only

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Desktop RFID Reader

For desktop and office applications, a full-blown enterprise-class RFID reader is often a poor fit. Expensive, bulky and hard to use, these devices are a clumsy solution outside of a portal. Unfortunately, this class of device has been the only option for people trying to take advantage of RFID in “non-supply chain” applications.

That’s changed with The TR-265 Desktop RFID Reader an easy to use, integrated Gen2 RFID reader/writer designed specifically for this environment. With its small, elegant form factor, its ability to be powered by USB and a powerful software interface, the TR-265 is a simple and flexible answer to the problem of bringing Gen2 RFID to the desktop.

Software provided gets you up and running quickly, reading and programming tags. A powerful API shields you from the details of the low level communication interface while allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

A software keyboard wedge also allows tags to be automatically entered into other MS Windows applications with zero programming.

*Meets FCC Requirements for use in North American only

Target Applications

  • File / Document Tracking
  • Tag Commissioning / Programming
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Library Check in / Check out
  • Asset Tracking / Monitoring


    • Small Size

Measuring just ~5.5 in x 4 in x 1.3 in (14 cm x 10.2 cm x 3.3 cm) the TR-265 consumes very little space on the desktop

    • Instant On

The TR-265 is ready to accept commands in less than a second from power up, eliminating the lengthy boot cycles of some other readers

    • Low Power Consumption

An efficient RF amplifier scheme allows the TR-265 run off of USB power while still having excellent read range. This efficient RF design allows the unit to run much cooler than other designs, improving the product’s lifetime and eliminating the need for expensive heat sinks.

    • High Performance

Best-in-class read performance with up to 190 tags-per-second read rate. 0.5 Watts power output for longer range applications. 1.5 Meters with supplied low gain antenna. > 3M with a 6 dBi gain antenna

    • Highly sensitive receiver architecture.

Dense Reader Mode receiver filtering for good performance in multi-reader environments

    • Low current use

Conserves laptop battery life

    • Developer-Friendly

The insight was designed with developers in mind. It features a simple and powerful control protocol and well-documented APIs in several languages– Java, Ruby, and C#. Units can be configured for autonomous operation; providing data only on external trigger conditions. The API supports device configuration, tag reading and programming (including extended memory areas).

Technical Specifications

Frequency 860~960MHz (Depends on regulatory region)
Physical Width: 10.2 cm, Length: 14 cm, Height: 3.3 cm, Weight: 120 g
Regulatory Compliance FCC 15.247, RoHS
RFID Protocols ISO-18000-6C (EPC Class 1/ Gen2)
Tag Compatibility Works with all Gen2-compliant (ISO-18000-6C) RFID chips. Verified with Alien, Avery Dennison, Impinj, TI, UPM Raflatac
Read Rate Up to 190 tps (50 tps typical)
Read Range Approx. 3m with 6 dBi linearly polarized antenna, Approx 1.5m with supplied 2 dBi linear antenna
Antenna Connection One (1) 50 Ohm port, RP-SMA connector
RF Power Output 15 to >27 dBm adjustable in 1 dB steps
Host Connections USB 2.0, RS232 (Internal)
GPIO (TTL Level) 2 inputs, 2 outputs (Internal) or 1 input, 2 outputs with optional, integrated proximity sensor
Supply Voltage External 5V Input (Optional) or USB Connection
Power Consuption Standby at 400 uA,Max of 400 mA
LEDs Power, Tag Sense, Tag Read, Fault, User1, User2. LEDs can be controlled by User Applications as well.