Beta Projects



Thinkify 8 (T8)


This tablet reader, like our Thinkify 9, was developed by a multi-company effort to support caregivers in Africa. Thinkify, Google, MSF, Intel, Harvard, Texas Instruments and others all pulled together to make a device capable to help in fight the Ebola crisis. The T8 is a user friendly portable web interface enabled with high performance RFID.

The unit was designed to save lives in critical situations where local data base links may or may not be available. It can be submerged in a chlorine bath for sanitizing. It has Bluetooth, WiFi and RFID links. Software from Harvard Medical links the entire package together.



Thinkify 9 (T9)


This server reader, like our Thinkify 8, was developed by a multi-company effort to support caregivers in Africa.The unit is built on OpenMRS and includes automatic backup to a USB stick.
The same multi-company team that developed the Thinkify 8 also developed this in record time to support fighting Ebola in Africa.

The Thinkify 9 is made for the rough field conditions found in crisis situations.This server’s open source approach makes lightning quick changes allowing flexibility in fighting diseases. It contains a server, wireless charging, and a state of the art RFID reader. Battery power allows this reader to stay operational for days at a time even when local power is not an option.



Project Buendia launches a nutrition mission

MSF UK has launched an open source mission to build field-ready technology to improve the clinical effectiveness of large-scale nutrition programs across Africa.

Get involved August – November 2015 and help save lives.

Join the mission